I can't stop...

Ok, one more...I ordered a few stamps from Lost Coast Designs. Okay, but hear me out...I HAD to...for a swap...honest. There's gonna be a Zetti ATC swap on Craftster and these were just toooo perfect! So, I should be recieving them soon. And I promise a full review! :)


You take the good, you take the bad...

Well, maybe throw a fit over the bad. Never, ever, ever buy ink pads from Walmart. They will only bring you dissapointment and heartache. I've barely used mine and haven't had them very long and they're already all dried up. :( Well, what do you expect for $3 I suppose. Now I'm looking for new ink pads...but they're all so expensive. *pout* I wish I had realized before I put in my stamp order...

So now the good! I put in a stamp order! Unfortunately they will all be black images for a bit (see note above!). I ordered from River City Rubber Works. A little over $3 US for a grab bag? You betcha I'm gonna be ordering some! All their unmounted rubber stamps are 30% off until the end of the month. I may just go back for more!

So I should be recieving my RCRW and CollageStuff packages by the end of the week. Stay tuned for reviews of the awesomeness! :)



I just put in an order with Collage Stuff. I am SOOOO excited! I can't wait to get my package! And the shipping to Canada was really reasonable. And how can you go wrong with a 12 unmounted rubber stamp grab bag for $10? I will definitely update with a review when I recieve my stuff! :)


Me so lazy...

Wow...haven't posted in a while. I'm such a slacker...and I haven't been doing much art-wise lately either...but here's a couple things:

Watercolor ATC. "Humours Part I: Sanguine"

My Chemical Romance swap.

Etching on mirrors:

Group ATC:

And that's it. Not much I know. Well, actually there's a couple more but I can't post them until their new owners recieve them...