Grrrr & A New Shop

Whoa! I haven't posted a proper blog on here in a while! Currently I'm super busy with The Artisans' Gift Fair this Saturday.

So why am I posting when I should be working? Because I'm mad as hell and need to vent before I stab someone...ok, I'm not really that mad, just annoyed.

I recently purchased a pack of 100 printable notecards from Staples. The brand is Gartner Studios. When I open the package the first page of cards is damaged. The company's label somehow leaked through on to the sheet rendering it unusable. So I email customer service to let them know about the problem. All I get back is "Thanks for your input. The package was either not rotated or was stored incorrectly." Like it was my fault! Well, fortunately, I only lost one page. But still, whatever happened to companies offering compensation? I would have been happy with a coupon. A whole new package would've been awesome (if improbable). At the very least they should send me a check for $0.35, the cost of the two cards. Or $8 which is the very least I would have been able to sell them for. Freakin' pain in the ars.

Blah. All better.

Oh. Yeah. And I opened a new shop. Go. Look. It'll be fun. I promise:


Paper Place Holiday Giveaway!!!

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