Why Artfire is Awesome.

I've been getting a lot of people asking why they should either sign up on Artfire or switch from Etsy to Artfire. Instead of grabbing dribs and drabs between my blog posts and messages to individuals, I figure I'll combine it all here into one big pile of awesomeness!

So let's start with the blog I wrote on August 7, 2009 entitled Inexpensive Promo for Artfire Sellers (and how to become one of the Elite). It gives information on an awesome promo the amazing Jamie Sabot of She's Batty Designs set up for Artfire artisans. The blog also goes on with a little info on why Artfire is so amazing.

Next, I had written a list to a friend about why I love Artfire. Here's the message in its entirety:

I had Etsy for a year and a half and didn't make one sale. I made a sale on Artfire the first week I was signed up. That made me happy. ;) I also had more product views in one month than I had on Etsy in a year and a half.

I'm not sure what updates Etsy has made as I haven't used it in quite some time (I've actually closed it since then), but here's some things I like about Artfire:

* Artfire lets you link to your Etsy (I know that Etsy won't let you link to any other shop), as well as your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, IndiePublic, Blogger, etc. The links show up right on your page so that people can check them out.

* You have Studio Stats which tell you which URL your product views are coming from, as well as the number of Item Views and Studio Views.

* There is a Rapid Cart which you can post on blogs and websites which allows a customer to check out right on your site without having to visit ArtFire or make an account. Artfire now has it's own Facebook app (Facebook Kiosk) where people can buy your art right from your Facebook page!

* Adding a Product is easy bc it's one page, with the option to list the product in Google Shopping search. I've received a lot of page views that way. You can also register your shop with Google Analytics which allows you to see how many people visited your shop, where they viewed from (down to City! I love looking at where people are in the world who've seen my stuff!), etc. etc.

* There is an Item of the Hour feature which randomly picks a product and it is showcased on the homepage. And I've actually been featured! Not like the notorious Etsy Treasuries where the same people are featured again and again!

* There are loads of written and video guides on marketing, photography, RSS, etc. to help promote your shop.

* You can customize your shop. And add HTML and widgets. So imagine: custome colors to match your banner, Flickr widget, blog feed, and anything else you can think up!

* The big shots of Artfire actually blog, Twitter and Plurk! Holy cow! You can talk to them! What a novel idea!

* And of course they have all the "interaction" stuff: chat, guilds, etc.

I currently have a verified account which gives you a little more, like more photo uploads and unlimited listings. Right now the verified account is $12 (usually $20). You can also set up a free account and see how you like it. I like paying a monthly fee better...this way I don't really have to think about it. It comes out of my bank account and I don't have to remember to pay the bill.

I know some of these thing are only available with a paid membership, but I definitely think it's worth it. And you should trust me because I'm cheap. My business is just starting out and I always look for the best value for my money. Signing up for Artfire was one of the best business moves I've made. And one of the best moves I've ever made as an Artist. Everyone on Artfire is dedicated to helping you grow as an artist and as a business. You have questions? You'll get answers...and not in a snarky "Ew, look-at-the-newbie" kind of way!

Well, hope this was helpful. I hope it didn't come out like an infomercial, because it's not. I believe that if you come across something good, you should share it with others.


SwapSity Swap Meet & Garage Sale THIS SATURDAY!

SwapSity Swap Meet & Garage Sale!

Come buy my junk and fund my craft supply addiction!

Date: Saturday, August 29, 2009
Time: 1:30-5:30pm
Location: Walmer Road Baptist Church;Ground floor, enter from south side
188 Lowther Avenue (Spadina & Bloor); Toronto (map below)
TICKETS: Purchase tickets HERE


Melissa Smith and Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities will be at the SwapSity Swap Meet & Garage Sale on Saturday. I'll be selling gently used clothes (mostly alternative), shoes (chunky platforms, adorable flats, and more!), odds and ends (which can mean ANYTHING!).

There will also be creations from Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities! Alternative greeting cards, stuffed dolls, etc.!

A little about the Sale:
"Keep useful things out of landfills, find new treasures, free yourself from the clutter and have tons of fun trading! This green event will bring savvy swappers, garage sale fans, eco-enthusiasts, parents and thrifty shoppers together, under one roof. Hold your own garage sale or browse what others have to offer for barter or sale. With both swapping and selling taking place, it will be the ultimate garage sale and swap meet rolled into one. You can even give things away for free. It doesn't get any better than that!"

Interested in having your own table? There are still some left!

Click here for a brief list of items expected for swap/sale/free.

See you there!!!


Craft Fair Reviews: Part I (The Midnight Market by The Alt)

Out of the seven craft fairs I participated in over the last three months, The Midnight Markets were the best. I'll be reviewing the others, trying not to be too hard on some of the failures...you know, just in case I decide to try them again.

The Alt's first foray into an art/music/performance event was on June 7th. As a first endeavor it was fantastic. The music was pumping, the dancing and singing was beautiful and the vendors and art-lovers were amazing. Plus, The Augusta House was the greatest venue! I had no complaints nor did I have any comments on how to make the show better...because it was already perfect.

I also took part in The Midnight Market this past Sunday (8.16.09). I thought the last show was perfect, but The Alt outdid themselves again. Excellent music, hoop dancers, exquisite art and extremely supportive customers.

The Midnight Market is everything an art show should be...love and respect among the artists, genuine compliments and comments by attendees, the marriage of art, dance and music. The show is fulfilling and you leave with great memories and new friends.

For those of you who know me know I'm not a gushy mushy over-emotional person, but this show makes me so happy...I can't wait to do it again!

Below is a slideshow of the participants for August's show. Make sure you check out the artists websites and such...they are all amazing and love what they do.

Stacey Be & Lorena Salomé


* The Butterfly Project *

♥ ♥ The Butterfly Project ♥ ♥

A Movement against Hate

More than 1,500,000 innocent children were murdered during the Holocaust. In an effort to remember them, the Holocaust Museum of Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies. The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for Spring 2012, for all to remember.

All they are asking for is one little butterfly... Most of you know how much butterflies mean to me, so I just have to participate. I hope you'll help me help The Holocaust Museum of Houston reach their goal of 1.5 million handmade butterflies. What's a little time and a little postage?

If you decide to participate, please let me know and email me a photo of your creation. I'll post the photos on either Facebook and/or Flickr and will make sure I share the link!

More info HERE.

Hugs to you all!



Inexpensive Promo for Artfire Sellers (and info on how to become one of the Elite)

The ever fabulous Jaime Sabot of She's Batty Designs is organizing a Capturing Creativity Sampler, an innovative and inexpensive way for Artfire artists to promote their handmade goods.

The Sampler is expected to go on sale September 1st so hurry and submit your info. All you need to provide are approximately 10 promo items and postage to Jaime (London, ON).

This Sampler Promo is only open to Artfire Artisans. This is only one of the awesome projects you can take part in as a member of the Artfire Community. Interested? Register on ArtFire.com (Please select "Artfire User" under How did you hear about Artfire? and insert "KaoticEkkosCuriosities" as the ArtFire member who referred you. Thanks loads.)

In addition to the Verified Member package ($13CAD and worth every penny!) Artfire also has a FREE Basic Member package...which means you can't make any excuses! I personally had more product views and sales within the first month on Artfire than I had in a year and a half on Etsy.

Hope this helps some of you. Like I said this is only one unique marketing tool available to Artfire Artists. There are also Guilds (I'm part of the Ghouls Guild!) Handmade News interviews, the list goes on and on! Want more info? Feel free to message me and I'll let you know how else Artfire can help your business!


Sunday, Aug 16, 2009 7:00 PM- 2:00 AM

152 Augusta Ave
Toronto ON

*Map at end of post*

This Market rocked so hard in June that The Alt is doing it again. I had so much fun last time and met some amazing people. Join us on the 16th...I promise you'll have a great time...not to mention you'll get to check out some of my new Curiosities!


A night of Amazing Art, Performances and Music to keep you dancing all night long...

Art Makers:

Alejandra Vallejo

Amanda's Jewels

Amy Drover

Brenden Dowhaniuk

Claudia Wittmann

Kasia Ulbin

Kaotic Ekko’s Curiosities

Mary Burnet

Michelene Sutherland

Natalie C

Numero Seis (No.6)

Rae Zabeth

Ruby Tuesday

Stella Cade



Xenia Vakova

Yoko Nomura - Kurukuru Crafts

Performances by the amazing Lee Lee Davis and Ayo Leilani along with a few magical - surprises

DJ Reeraw spinning tunes all night

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Christmas in July Sale has been EXTENDED! Get your 3/$10 cards before I change my mind!!!