Inexpensive Promo for Artfire Sellers (and info on how to become one of the Elite)

The ever fabulous Jaime Sabot of She's Batty Designs is organizing a Capturing Creativity Sampler, an innovative and inexpensive way for Artfire artists to promote their handmade goods.

The Sampler is expected to go on sale September 1st so hurry and submit your info. All you need to provide are approximately 10 promo items and postage to Jaime (London, ON).

This Sampler Promo is only open to Artfire Artisans. This is only one of the awesome projects you can take part in as a member of the Artfire Community. Interested? Register on ArtFire.com (Please select "Artfire User" under How did you hear about Artfire? and insert "KaoticEkkosCuriosities" as the ArtFire member who referred you. Thanks loads.)

In addition to the Verified Member package ($13CAD and worth every penny!) Artfire also has a FREE Basic Member package...which means you can't make any excuses! I personally had more product views and sales within the first month on Artfire than I had in a year and a half on Etsy.

Hope this helps some of you. Like I said this is only one unique marketing tool available to Artfire Artists. There are also Guilds (I'm part of the Ghouls Guild!) Handmade News interviews, the list goes on and on! Want more info? Feel free to message me and I'll let you know how else Artfire can help your business!

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