Voooodoooo...running from my magic!

Sooooo...I have listed new stuff in my Etsy:

Aren't they adorable??? They're pins so you can take their evil little selves with you where ever you go!

I've also made voodoo cards:

There were two of these cards at Plastik Wrap, but both were sold. I'll be making more soon though! The adorable little voodoo doll stamp on the card front and the envelope label I found at Sideshow Stamps. If you want to read how much I love this company (and how cool their stuff is) check out my previous blog here.

Being we're on the subject of recent works, I'll post some more goodies. These are all available at the Plastik Wrap boutique at 2235 Dundas West in Toronto:

And there are several more, but you'll have to go into the store to see them in person. Unfortunately my picture-taking skills are sub par... but I'm just going to blame it on the fancy-shmancy camera we have.

Alright...I promise that I'll bore you with just one more thing...this doll was made for a dear friend of mine. It measure 9.5 inches tall and has interchangeable bow pins (and of course a bejeweled stabby pin).

Well, I think that's sufficient for now. I swear I'm going to try to be a little more timely with this blog. Really. I promise...