Rubber Stamp Nirvana!

I recently ordered stamps from a couple different companies. I was happy with everything I received but one company BLEW ME AWAY. I'm a sucker for grab bags. I like surprises. For the most part, I'm lucky if I can use 50% of the stamps I recieve (and that's a high estimate). But that is not the story with the stamps I received from Sideshow Stamps. I opted for the Macho Grab Bag which is $18.99 and includes 30 unmounted stamps (I also bought a voodoo doll stamp because it was too cute for words!). So, I'm going through the stamps and I'm like "Oh! I can use this!" and "This is awesome!" I mean, there were dinosaurs, skulls, words, big foot/monkey, cool little accent stamps...the list goes on! Of course everyone won't get the same combination, but that's half the fun. All the stamps on the site are amazing and unusual. PLUS I thought it was an awesome idea that the company stamped their name on the back of the stamp. It's so much easier that way when you look at the stamp and say, "Hey this is awesome. Where'd I get it and can I get more?" So if you haven't realized by now that I'm really impressed with Sideshow Stamps I will say, I'm really impressed with Sideshow Stamps. Go there now and buy lots of stuff!

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