Craft Fair Reviews: Part I (The Midnight Market by The Alt)

Out of the seven craft fairs I participated in over the last three months, The Midnight Markets were the best. I'll be reviewing the others, trying not to be too hard on some of the failures...you know, just in case I decide to try them again.

The Alt's first foray into an art/music/performance event was on June 7th. As a first endeavor it was fantastic. The music was pumping, the dancing and singing was beautiful and the vendors and art-lovers were amazing. Plus, The Augusta House was the greatest venue! I had no complaints nor did I have any comments on how to make the show better...because it was already perfect.

I also took part in The Midnight Market this past Sunday (8.16.09). I thought the last show was perfect, but The Alt outdid themselves again. Excellent music, hoop dancers, exquisite art and extremely supportive customers.

The Midnight Market is everything an art show should be...love and respect among the artists, genuine compliments and comments by attendees, the marriage of art, dance and music. The show is fulfilling and you leave with great memories and new friends.

For those of you who know me know I'm not a gushy mushy over-emotional person, but this show makes me so happy...I can't wait to do it again!

Below is a slideshow of the participants for August's show. Make sure you check out the artists websites and such...they are all amazing and love what they do.

Stacey Be & Lorena Salomé

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