Printing on Newspaper - A Tutorial

Printing on Newspaper - A Tutorial

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So, I'm pretty proud of how this experiment came out. I'm sure it's been done before (hasn't everything?) but it's new to me and came out of my head (probably in the shower or something weird like that...but I digress).

And without further ado, here we go!

1. Pick out a neat piece of newspaper. I was doing a French theme so I rummaged out some French newspapers I've been hording. Fit the newspaper to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of copy (printer) paper. You can even collage some pieces. Glue the newspaper to the copy paper. Make sure it's glued down all around the edges and flattened all around. I used a gluestick being it won't leave any lumps or wet the delicate newspaper.

2. Open your digital imaging software (I use Microsoft Digital Image Suite. I *love* it!) ie. Photoshop, etc. Arrange what shapes, text, etc. you'd like to print on the newspaper.

Not a great pic, but you get the point.

2. Insert your newspaper covered copy paper into your printer and print! Ta-da!

3. Ok. Now cut out your shapes. I brushed the edges on a black ink pad just to add a 'finish' to them.

4. I wanted my shapes to stand up off the card so I used one of my favorite craft items ever: 3D Dots. So I strategically place the dots on the back of the shapes (making sure all of the edges are supported otherwise they'll get crushed in the mail!).

5. Peel the backing off the Dots and adhere the shapes to the card. Make sure you know where they're going before you put them down. Once that adhesive hits the paper there's no turning back!

6. And Voila! You can use this for all types of things. My first thought was to make a template but I only needed the shapes once. I thought making a template would be too time consuming just for one card! Anyway, hope this is helpful! Feel free to leave feedback! I loves it!