Receive money gifts for the holidays? Buy something cool... like ART!

Three posts in one day? What the what?!?!?

Anyone have holiday gift money burning a hole in his pocket?

Here's a couple of places to get your spendin' on!

  • Kaotic Ekko's Curiosities - 20% OFF Holiday items until 12/31/09 AND FREE SHIPPING on everything with code HAPPY2010 until 1/31/10!!!
  • After Christmas Handmade Sales - A list of handmade artist studio sales compiled by Krissi "Skelekitty" Sandvik. Krissi is holding a BOGO sale of her prints and 20% off Rubber Stamps! Check out her blog to find more great sales as well as her coupon codes!
  • 2nd Annual Holiday Pop-up Art Shop - Live in Toronto? Wanna get out, go somewhere cool and feel 'artsy?' Check out MeThinks' Pop-up Art Shop at Project 165 in Kensington Market! Described as "Alice in Wonderland meets Santa's Workshop meets Tom Waits as a gingerbread man lost in the Land of Misfit Toys" not only will you leave with something cool, you'll also have conversation fodder for hours! Hurry, exhibit ends 12/31!!!
  • The Rage - Still lookin' for something to do in TO? The Rage in Kensington is having a Boxing Week Sale! Save 15% on EVERYTHING until 12/31!

So use your holiday funds wisely...
help a handmade artist buy a loaf of bread and a couple slices of bologna. 
You'll feel sophisticated and we'll have a sandwich.

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