Excuse me? You want HOW MUCH for a canvas drying apparatus?!?

So... I've been working on multiple paintings at once and have found that there isn't a lot of room to stick them while they're drying. I did a lazy search for "canvas holders" (I guess you would call them) and of course, as with anything that is associated with a single use, they aren't cheap: http://www.dickblick.com/categories/dryingracks/details/. Now, I realize that they let you dry quite a few canvases at a time, but they're HUGE and I don't have that kind of room (or money!).

Enter Dollarama. I found a plastic desk organizer for $1.25. (Pay no attention to the newspaper... I enjoy using the singles ads in the back of the paper as a desk protector... every so often I will paint a mustache on a model.)

I realize the organizer will only hold three canvases at a time, but really, how many more can I work on simultaneously without going mad?

Now with a little twine I found lying around I anchor it to a shelf...



And TA-DA!

Perfect! I have room for one or two more. I'll probably install one more just in case I need the space. 

Anyway, I know it's not MENSA material, but I always love to share!


  1. Great idea, I am cataloging that in my brain for future use!!

  2. Fantastic idea!! Pat yourself on the back for being creative,smart and organized!