I've got the itch...

I think I have a dollar store addiction. This dollar store down the street from me has the best craft aisle. I had all I could do not to go there today when I was out Christmas shopping. And when I do go I have to restrain myself and only take in $20. Thank goodness they only take cash. I'd have a hard time explaining how my credit card got maxed out at the dollar store.

Another of my loves (a new-found one) is Urban Scrapyard. They have some of the nicest scrapbook paper! And the two ladies who were there...I forgot to ask their names...were just as nice as can be! Not to mention they had a sale on! And I'm a sucker for sales! If you get the chance, check this place out!

Oh and one more new-found place that I just adore is Aboveground Art Supply! I actually was referred there by a painter friend of mine...I wanted to get her a gift certificate for Christmas. But man, everytime you turn a corner there was another room full of art supplies. I was really good though and only bought a couple sheets of paper, a mini canvas and the gift card. So I'm cashing out and the guy says to me "You just won your purchase!" I squealed with glee. I guess they have this promotion that if you get red stars on the back of your reciept, your purchase is free! So yay for me! I will definitely be going back there after I get some money to pick up all the pretties that I covet!

So if you live in the Toronto area, I definitely recommend checking out those two shops! Hey, you might even run into me there!

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  1. Evil. Telling me about wonderful places I can't visit...