More craft shopping...

I will be the first to admit I have a problem. My husband will be the second to admit I have a problem. I have a shopping problem...in particular craft shopping. I went to Michael's today and easily spent $50. And that was being good! I was holding myself back! The last time I was there I spent $200 (by accident, I assure you)!

Anyway, I bought some clay and a mold and I'm going to start playing around with that. I will post as soon as I come up with something! But not tonight...I don't think I should play with clay at 1am...I'm sure I'd get in trouble somehow!


  1. My craft addiction is so bad that my boyfriend has to go into Michaels (or any other craft store) with me so I don't get distracted. I get in there and start looking at materials and say 'Hey, I could make ____ with this!'

    One thing I just learned is that you can't use Michaels gift cards from the US in Canada. *grumble* Oh well.


  2. What a wonderful attitude about this. Thanks for posting! picasso